+ Friends:

We are proud to have accomplished our goal of eliminating urban pollution at each of Orange County’s public beaches along our 42-mile coast line! We implemented over fifteen projects to correct pollution issues and contracted with Cities and the County to maintain them in perpetuity.

Our work is done!

Looking ahead, we are closing the Miocean Foundation and moving onto different community improvements. We truly appreciate the financial, volunteer and inspirational assistance we receive from you, our friends and benefactors.

Since 2002, we’ve supported the Ocean Institute’s Watershed Education Program. This stellar teaching effort aims to educate third graders to be good custodians of our coastal waters. If you’d like to continue our legacy of watershed education, please direct your donations and volunteering efforts to Ms. Mary Lawson, marylawson@oceaninstitute.org or 949-496-2274 x368, at the Ocean Institute.

The Board and Founders of Miocean thank you again and wish all of you the very best in the years to come.


Patrick R. Fuscoe, P.E.
Miocean Foundation