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Looking Back at Our First Decade

Looking Back at Our First Decade

Thanks to your support and the foundation’s commitment to underwrite only projects that can deliver measurable results within a 12-24 month timeframe, Miocean has been able to complete seven coastal water quality improvement projects and spomsor 13 watershed education programs in just its first decade! Highlights of Miocean’s impact to date include:

2001: Miocean is conceived after an OC business leader and community volunteer John Moody survives a near-fatal staph infection contracted while teaching his children to surf in local waters. The foundation receives its official IRS designation as a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization the following year.

2003: North Creek-Doheny Beach – For its first project, Miocean supports the installation and on-going operation of a drainage capture and diversion pump system, which today removes an average of six tons of litter and debris each year.

Salt Creek Treatment Plant

2004: Salt Creek Treatment Plant – Miocean supports a new $6 million Ozone Treatment Plant, which treats up to 1.4 million gallons of polluted urban run-off annually, and has helped transform two of OC’s formerly “worst” beaches – Monarch Beach and Salt Creek – into A/A+- rated locations.

2005: Miocean underwrites the Ocean Institute’s 5th Grade Science Curricula, a two-day educational program that has enabled thousands of OC school children to learn about the impact of urban pollution on our local waters.

Back Bay Science Center

2007: Back Bay Science Center & Laboratory – Miocean partners with the City of Newport Beach and CA Department of Fish and Game to create a $6 million campus with state-of-the-art ocean testing laboratory and educational facilities on Shellmaker Island in Newport Upper Bay.

2008: Strands Beach-Niguel Shores – Miocean partners with the City of Dana Point, OC Parks and the Niguel Shores homeowners’ association to create a dry weather flow diversion that now diverts up to 10,000 gallons of runoff per day, and prevents an estimated 1.5 million gallons of urban runoff from contaminating the recreational surf zone every year.

Poche Beach

2009: Poche Beach – Miocean partners with the County of Orange on a new ultraviolet water treatment facility that can disinfect up to 1.1 million gallons of polluted, bacteria-laden urban runoff. The system goes on-line for Summer 2011 and will turn the former "F" beach into an "A" beach.

2009: Scripps Institution of Oceanography – Thanks to Miocean’s support, a dry weather flow diversion system now protects a designated coastal Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), by treating diverted rainfall-related runoff through natural filtration processes.

2009: Chapman Watershed Certificate Program – Miocean provides seed funding for this professional-level program, which provides an in-depth exploration of the scientific, economic and political issues associated with watershed management.

2009: Pretend City – Miocean helps teach thousands of young children the importance of protecting the ocean and reducing urban runoff pollution by sponsoring a unique interactive exhibit at Pretend City Children's Museum in Irvine.

2009: WHALES Program – Miocean begins supporting the WHALES program - Watershed Heroes - Actions Linking Education to Stewardship, a unique watershed education cirruculum launched by the City of Costa Mesa in partnership with CoastKeepers. To date, more than 1,600 junior high and high school students from Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Orange, La Habra, Huntington Beach and Fullerton have participated in the program.

Miocean Beach Information Monitors

2010: Miocean Beach Information Monitors – Miocean launches an innovative public service, delivering real-time surf conditions, water quality results, and tips to reduce urban runoff pollution, via a network of weatherproof flat-screens installed at select OC beaches. Miocean’s Monitors also play a pivotal role in the nation’s first accelerated water quality sampling testing pilot project, led by the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority (SCCWRP).

2010: Santa Ana River Treatment Wetlands Phase I – Miocean launches its largest project to date, supporting pond and wetland area grading and initial planting for a 17-acre area, intended to address one million gallons of urban runoff daily that would otherwise flow unchecked into the Pacific.

2011: Santa Ana River Treatment Wetlands Phases 2&3 – Miocean plans to continue achieving key milestones on this project, which will ultimately feature an eco-friendly filtration and diversion system capable of stopping up to one million gallons of urban runoff pollution dailyfrom reaching the Pacific Ocean.

Miocean is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that focuses on reducing urban run-off pollution, one of the greatest issues affecting the health of Orange County's coastline and waterways. Miocean supports municipal and educational projects that show measurable results.

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